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Challenge > Life in 5 Sentences
Jul 24
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Life in 5 Sentences

My glorious, glamorous entrance: red and wailing, into the NICU because I'm breathing too fast.
My teacher tells my dad he doesn't have to worry about me being shy, because that morning, I had run into my two year old class, spread my arms wide, and said, "Hey everybody! It's CATIE!"
10 years old, staring at a room of fourth graders I've never met inCambridge, England, on the darkest January day; and I'm okay.
12 years old, discussing empathy in a room of kids from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and America.
14 years old, type, type, typing away, about to start freshman year halfway across the country; what happens now?

Jul 24
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Interview Response

So yesterday we interviewed a woman who sang with my daughter. She is the great grand daughter of the woman whose sone was sung. Figure that one out.

Jul 18
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A free write response

Free, free, free at last.

It's summer time

And I don't have to be graded

Ain't that cool