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Workshop > A person

A person

Think of some memorable people in your community. Make a list and pick one to tell a story about.

Community means people. Think of the people in your community, or one of your communities, and list significant or memorable people. You could have a personal connnection to the person, or no connection (just interest).

  • Make a list of the significant people. Put a phrase beside each name to remind you of why they're significant.
  • Pick one and ask the person if you could interview them for a profile.
  • Based on the person's answers to your questions, write a short biographical story.
  • Add photos and audio -- and make it a digital story! 
  • Share your story with a classmate and ask for comments. Make revisions and share the story with your memorable person -- and make their day!

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Mitchel Baker, 2017)

Workshop > A place

A place

Tell a story about a special place or an object that represents your community to you. Make it a digital story.

Sometimes an object or a place within your community can represent community to you. Think of a place, an object, a building, a statue, whatever works for you and write a story about it and how it says "community" to you.

  • Post a drawing or a photo to accompany your story. Post mulitple illustrations as a slideshow if you can!
  • Post audio. Click ADD MEDIA>>Audio Record and follow the instructions to tell your story.
  • Share your story with a classmate or friend and ask for feedback. Revise, if necessary, and give it that last polish!

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My Life

Be brief. Be bold. Your life in five sentences.

Explain/describe your entire life in just five sentences. Think of specific moments and turning points — major events and experiences, encounters with important people in your life — that have shaped who you are and what you love.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang, 2015]


Ask a family member for a childhood memory. Create the first story of a family collection.

Ask a parent, guardian, or sibling about a childhood memory they have never told you before. Tell their story.
Share the story with the subject of the story and ask for feedback. Is anything missing? Is it clear? Does it accurately reflect the memory?
Revise where needed and ask a second reader (a teacher, a classmate, a relative) to look at it. More comments? More revisions.
The goal is to make it the best story you can with the material you're given and the comments you receive.
This story might start your family on a quest to create a family archive of stories from the past -- your history.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Ashley Gehsmann, 2015]

Free Write - Seven Minutes

Write freely and just for fun! Go! You've got seven minutes ...

Create a sentence out of thin air. Anything.
Write it down.
Beginning or ending with that sentence, write for just seven minutes.

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Workshop > My communities

My communities

We live in lots of communities. This challenge is designed to get you to think about some communities to which you belong. List a few. Then expand on the most important.

When we think of the word community, many things come to mind: Our family, our house or apartment, our building, our street, our neighborhood, our town or city. But there are other communities -- a team or musical group or friends bound by a passion, say, to play video games. What are your communities?

This challenge has two parts, first make a list and then expand (briefly) a couple of those ideas.

STEP ONE: Take no more than five minutes to list all the communities to which you belong. Click RESPOND and list as many as you can. SAVE.

STEP TWO: Edit your post and choose two of your deepest communities, the ones that mean the most to you. Click EDIT on your post and, below the list, write something about each that is important. Tell a story. Or describe something or someone within that community. Or define that community. Or say what it's important.

As always, when you are done, look over other people's work and give them some specific comment.

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Free Write -- General

The easiest place to start is here. Right now. Just start in. Just write.

Sometimes it is easy to write, sometimes it is more difficult. But the easiest way to write is to, er, write. Think of a moment that happened today or in the last few days that was particularly memorable. Or pick something you noticed -- a conversation heard, a small action seen -- and run with it. Angry about something? Tell why. Happy about something? Tell the story.

Or just write small. Or share some photographs. Or click on Audio Record and tell a story. 

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