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My communities

We live in lots of communities. This challenge is designed to get you to think about some communities to which you belong. List a few. Then expand on the most important.

When we think of the word community, many things come to mind: Our family, our house or apartment, our building, our street, our neighborhood, our town or city. But there are other communities -- a team or musical group or friends bound by a passion, say, to play video games. What are your communities?

This challenge has two parts, first make a list and then expand (briefly) a couple of those ideas.

STEP ONE: Take no more than five minutes to list all the communities to which you belong. Click RESPOND and list as many as you can. SAVE.

STEP TWO: Edit your post and choose two of your deepest communities, the ones that mean the most to you. Click EDIT on your post and, below the list, write something about each that is important. Tell a story. Or describe something or someone within that community. Or define that community. Or say what it's important.

As always, when you are done, look over other people's work and give them some specific comment.

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Jul 25
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My Communities

From a YWP intern:

The village of Warwick
The town of Warwick
My immediate family
My mom's family
Friends from home
The Crew team
Journalism staff
Bankus hall
Lakeview hall
Peer Advisors
Champlain College
Professional Writing program
King Street
U.K. trip people
College friends
Ridgewood, NJ
Woodstock, NY
Topsham, VT
Hudson Valley 
The farms/orchards