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A place

Tell a story about a special place or an object that represents your community to you. Make it a digital story.

Sometimes an object or a place within your community can represent community to you. Think of a place, an object, a building, a statue, whatever works for you and write a story about it and how it says "community" to you.

  • Post a drawing or a photo to accompany your story. Post mulitple illustrations as a slideshow if you can!
  • Post audio. Click ADD MEDIA>>Audio Record and follow the instructions to tell your story.
  • Share your story with a classmate or friend and ask for feedback. Revise, if necessary, and give it that last polish!

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Holly Margulies, 2017)



Jul 25
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La Fritanga

This was a response of a 4th grader.

It exists everywhere
Its under your shoe and it walks next to you
I am hispanic, how about you?
We all breathe and speak, all the same 
Lets be at hand and appreciate, Diversity