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A person

Think of some memorable people in your community. Make a list and pick one to tell a story about.

Community means people. Think of the people in your community, or one of your communities, and list significant or memorable people. You could have a personal connnection to the person, or no connection (just interest).

  • Make a list of the significant people. Put a phrase beside each name to remind you of why they're significant.
  • Pick one and ask the person if you could interview them for a profile.
  • Based on the person's answers to your questions, write a short biographical story.
  • Add photos and audio -- and make it a digital story! 
  • Share your story with a classmate and ask for comments. Make revisions and share the story with your memorable person -- and make their day!

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Mitchel Baker, 2017)



Jul 25
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