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An Issue

Communities have plenty of issues. This challenge urges you to pick just one and focus on it.

  • Think about ONE community of which you are part. Now think about the issues that community faces. CLICK RESPOND and list them. As quick as you can. SAVE.
  • Now look at your list. Which one has the most potential for a story? (Or, possibly, an essay or an in-depth journalistic informational piece or a plan for action.) Pick that one. CLICK EDIT and, below your list, you could do one of two things with your issue: write a narrative piece about a memory you have involving this issue; or, interview friends, family, and community members to write a short article about that issue in your community.
  • Find or write a story that is engaging, and unique — maybe even funny. Save your revised post. 
  • Comment on other responses to this challenge.

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Holly Dahlgren)