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A sense of community can be shattered by disputes between neighbors. Is there an issue in your community that has driven a wedge between people? Your work on this project COULD help solve the problem.

  • Check out this VTDigger.org news story: Police say a Newport, VT man got so frustrated over a property line dispute that he took matters into his own hands. With a chain saw. Click here for the full VTDigger story. (Note: The man pictured above was not involved in the dispute.)
  • Is there a festering issue in your town? Talk to people on both sides.
  • Write an essay that fairly represents both sides of the argument. Can you suggest a solution? This is the work of professional mediators, but you might discover -- if both parties are willing -- that you could help start a productive conversation just by showing them your essay.

 (Photo credit: Mike Polhamus/VTDigger.org, July 9, 2017)