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Jul 26


Do research and conduct interviews based on a cool, historical object you find in your community. The article will be a blend of history and personal experience. 

1. Find a vintage, rusting, weird, mysterious, interesting, curious, valuable -- or not so valuable -- object in one of your communities. You could look in your attic, your grandparents’ basement, your local museum or historical society, your library, or an antique or second-hand shop. You might find a rare newspaper in your library, a radio from the 1950s in your house, a sword from the Civil War in a museum.


2. Once you have found your object, do some research on it. Try to discover what company made it, who invented it, where it was made, and if there are any cool facts related to its invention and manufacturing. Does it have a connection to your community?

3. After you have learned the basic history of your object, interview the owner of it. Where did they get it from, why did they get it, does it have special meaning to them — a story? Aim your questions at uncovering the story that makes this object more than a thing on a shelf.

4. Combine your research and your interview to write an article about why this object is so special. Try to push yourself to discover why it might be important to people in your community.

Comment on the works of your peers. Did you learn something new about a historical object?

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Nathan Ballif]