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Jul 26

Digital Summary

Use photography to learn how to isolate identifying features of your community, and how to create a photo story/summary.

There are often three communities you may find yourself in at this time in your life: your family community, your school community, and your town. You can probably identify in your mind certain traits that exemplify each of these communities. You can think it, but can you capture it in a digital summary?

1. Pick one, or all, of these communities. Take one to three pictures of each community that really summarize their essence.
What are the physical objects or places that represent the nature of the community and how close you are to it?


2. Reflect on these pictures. Are the identifying traits always positive? Look at the works of your peers, comment on their work. Did you and your peers pick the same traits for communities that you share?

Dig deeper. What trait does your town and school and family have that cannot be captured in pictures?

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Deanna Davis, 2014]