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Jul 26


Practice journalism skills by expanding on a current newspaper article about your town. Figure out what is missing from the story; interview people; and write your own -- better! -- article. On the surface, this challenge might appear longer than others, but it will be fun!

Journalists, working under tight deadlines and other constraints, might not always have the chance to interview everyone they'd like to include in the story. Read your local newspaper and you're bound to find at least one story that's missing some elements.


For this exercise:
1. In your local newspaper, find a news story about your town that interests you.

2. Read the story carefully. Has the reporter missed anything? Certain facts or points of view that you think should be included? Make a list of any holes you see.
3. C
onduct your own interviews based on the same story. Ask two friends, and your parents/guardians OR two of your teachers their opinions about the subject. What do they have to add to the story?
4. W
rite your own article using the new information you got from your interviews.

Comment on the articles of your peers. Tell them what you think of the new information they uncovered.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang, 2016]