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Explore the heart of your community through "man-on-the-street" interviews.

In your community, what's the one place where you always run into people you know? The general store? School? A cafe? The park?

  • Go to this special place and using the broadcast news technique of "man-on-the-street" interviews, stop 5-7 people as they come and go and ask if you can interview them briefly (remember to bring notepad and pen and/or audio recorder).
  • Tell them that you're doing a story on the "heart of the community," that you think this is it -- do they agree? If so, why? If not, where do they think the heart is?
  • If you don't know the people you're interviewing, ask for their names.
  • Ask them to describe what they mean when they think of "the heart" of the community.
  • Record their answers and create a short audio story about your town's heart, using the clips from your interviews. 
  • Upload the finished version to your YWP blog. The best will be published in The Voice.

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Susan Reid, 2014)