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Jul 26

Family Traits

This is a poetry prompt that will get you to reflect on who you are, and a community that has greatly helped shape you as a person. You will produce something creative, and something reflective.

Imagine you are deep in the woods, and deep into the rainy night, with nothing but your fire for company. You find yourself thinking about home... about your parents and family. You think about the traits you've inherited from them, but also the ways you're very different.

1. Make a list of those similarities and differences.
2. Make a "list poem" out of the traits list you have created and out of the setting in the challenge.
3. Read your poem to yourself. Does your poem give you a new insight into how your community shapes you?
4. Comment on the poems of your peers, and ask for their feedback on yours.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang, 2016]