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Jul 26

Physical Issues - Part I

By using your oberservational and photography skills, look around your community for physical issues. Use your pictures to create a positive change in your community. 

Think about some of the physical issues in your community. Are your roads dangerous to drive on? Has your local playground been vandalized? Have people stolen street signs in your town? 

1. Find a friend and take a walk around your community. Using a phone or a camera, document all of the physical issues you may see in your town (a broken swing, a cracking sidewalk, a road with faded lines, etc). 

2. Make a slideshow of these pictures and think about why each of these physical issues might cause a problem, or even a threat, to your community members. 

3. Be proactive. Send a letter and a link to your slideshow to local officials to point out the problems in the neighborhood!

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Harlie Johnson]