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Jul 26


Think of someone you admire, someone who has helped change your life for the better. Write a poem that reflects on how this person has helped shape you as a person.


1. Create a list of mentors in each of your communities (family, town, school, teams, etc). These are people who have sparked at least one positive change in your life.

2. Pick one of these people and think about the change you have experienced because of this person. Write your poem. Don’t mention their name, just their actions.

3. R
ead your poem to your mentor and ask for their reaction. You never know, you might be able to turn their reaction into the last line of your poem.

4. The best will be published in The Voice, YWP's digital magazine.

5. Comment on the poems of your peers.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photi by Kevin Huang, 2015]