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Jul 26

If only ...

Learn how to take take a rant about issues at school, and turn it into a productive piece of writing that can be used to create change. 

Do you have problems with your school community? Maybe you have suggested a club that should be formed, or a problem that should be fixed, or a subject that should be taught, but it feels like your school just won't do anything about it. 

Action Plan:
1. Without any preparation or concern, record an audio rant about an issue at your school. Let out your emotions, and let out your frustrations. Record for as long as you need to. Say what you want. This doesn't need to be perfect. 

2. Listen to your recording. Take note of good points you made, and what you were most passionate about. 

3. After you have analyzed it, write a letter to your school that is articulate, reasonable and appropriate, stating your opinion about the "problem" you think should be fixed -- and offering a solution. 

Remember to comment on your peer's letters. 

Record your letter and send it to someone at your school who will listen. Your voice might provide all the convincing they need!

[Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Mackenzie Rivers, 2015]