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Jul 27

Polish Methods Part I

With this activity, you will be analyzing your polish methods and trying to determine what method works for you. In Part I, you will be doing all of the polish. In Part II, you will be handing the work over to a friend.

First, take the most recent My Community piece you have been working on. Do your revisions and large edits first.


Second, now comes the polish, aka, fixing your work for grammar, typos, etc. Print off two copies of your piece, keep one up on your computer, and find a colorful pen.


Third, read through your piece on your computer and highlight your typos.


Fourth, now, with one of your printed copies, read through your piece and mark your mistakes with a pen. THEN, start over on the same paper, but this time, read your paper upside down and find your mistakes.

[Creative Commons Lisence: Eliezer Borges, non-commercial, https://www.flickr.com/photos/eliezerborges/ ]