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Jul 27

Environmental Portrait

With this activity, you will be learning the digital art of taking environmental portraits. You will be analyzing your own community, as well as gaining a greater understanding of what a person's identity looks like in a certain community setting. 

An environmental portrait IS NOT a picture of nature. An environmental portrait is a staged photograph of a person in an specific environment, or with objects, that describe who they are visually. An environmental portrait could be a chef holding a cake, or a writer smiling in a library, etc. 

First, think of all of the communities you belong to. Think of communities that have multiple interesting and unique qualities to them. 

Second, take an environmental portrait of each person in that community — including yourself. Show who the person is through your photo. 

Third, create a slideshow of all of your images. Think: what connects this community, yet what are the traits that are unique to its members? 

Think: what about each of these people, and this community as a whole, can you not capture in an image? 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Derek Pham]