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Soapbox Part I

A soapbox is an impromptu debate you make with a group — in this case, your class community. This is an activity you can do with your class to hopefully spark positive change in your community through the speeches you create in the classroom. 

First, with your class community, choose a community you are all in. It could be school, your town, your state, etc. Create a list of problems each of these communities face. Put all of these problems into a hat. 

Second, everyone get in a circle with the hat in the center. One person should be recording. One by one, everyone will go to the center of the circle, pick a problem out of the hat, and gave an impromptu two minute speech about the topic. Talk about how you can fix the problem, or about why it is so annoying in the first place. 

Look at "Soapbox Part II" for an expansion. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Aliya Schneider, 2013]