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Jul 31


This is an activity you can do with your class, as it centers around positive lessons you have learned from your school community in an unusual way by using humor. Use humor to tell a story, and learn how to really engage an audience.

Humor can be a creative, and, well, hilarious way to get your opinion across about a certain topic. You can engage an audience about any topic — even one that was originally bland — and grab their attention throughout.

First, think about a funny or frustrating experience you had with one of these three things: a homework assignment, a group project, or a field trip.

Second, once you have your memory, think about how you could tell this story in a funny way, but ultimately show that you learned something from this community experience. Write a detailed outline of this story with a few jokes and messages you want to remember.

Third, with your class, everyone should get up and do their comedy routine. People shouldn’t be reading a prepared speech or paper. Just let the jokes flow naturally.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Erik Short]