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Jul 31

Advice from a Friend -- Editing 1

Use one of your My Community pieces that you have not yet edited for this exercise. Analyze your own strategy, the strategies of others, and make a new revision strategy.  

1. Think about how you usually edit your writing -- not the grammar and spelling, but large revisions like adjusting the structure, checking for clarity, honing your point (thesis). Write down your own process; what works best for you? 
2. Ask two friends how they go about editing. Write down their processes. Do the same with a teacher. 
3. Look at all of the processes you have gathered. Did you pick up some ideas? Which do you like best? Would a combination of them all work best as your editing process/ strategy?
4. Make a new editing process from what you have gathered, and start revising your My Community piece. 

Reflect: Do you think your new strategy is better than your original? 

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