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Aug 03

Who - Part II

Now that you have your information and your basic paragraph from Who Part I, practice writing to an audience. Push yourself to adjust your writing to a certain audience and learn how to analyze your target readers.

1. Rewrite your paragraph from Part I as if you were going to read it to a group of kids under the age of 7. Think about language, appropriate information, attention spans, etc.


2. Rewrite your paragraph as if you were going to read it to a group of knowledgeable adults over the age of 70 that know a lot about your town. What will you change? What information will you include?


3. Rewrite your paragraph again, but this time, try to write it so that a broad audience that doesn't live in, or know anything about, your hometown would understand it. Again, think about what needs to change to create understanding, but to also appeal to and teach all ages.

Comment on the works of your peers. Tell them how well they did adjusting their voice.


Read your paragraphs to each group. Get feedback about how well you communicated your message to each particular audience.

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Nate Ertle]