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Aug 04
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Where, how, why do you get an audience?


  • Writers need an audience to affirm their work. It keeps you writing, and improving and publishing and sharing your voice with the world. This is important and Young Writers Project believes firmly in publishing your best work to external audiences, such as our monthly digital magazine, The Voice; websites such as medium.com; and in Vermont newspapers, public radio (vpr.net), a news website (VtDigger.org), and even on stage. You can't change the world by keeping your stories to yourself! Publication is the key!


  • At Young Writers Project, a team of editors -- YWP staff, community leaders and mentors -- reviews every piece of writing and art that is submitted to youngwritersproject.org. We look for fresh voice, interesting perspectives, humor, wisdom -- and GREAT STORYTELLING! 
  • When you are working on the My Community project, your teachers and the editors here at Young Writers Project will be on the lookout for great writing that has the potential to be published. We might ask for a few revisions to get the piece into the best shape it can be for publication.
  • Generally, one of the YWP editors will post a comment letting you know that your work is being considered for publication.


  • Online: This site and YWP's main site, youngwritersproject.org. Your piece might end up as a featured "Daily Read" on the front page of our the main site! We also publish a digital magazine, The Crow, on medium.com.
  • The Voice: Our monthly, digital magazine showcases the best writing and art from youngwritersproject.org and has cool features such as Writer of the Month, a gallery of photography, writing tips and more. Click here to go directly to The Voice.
  • Anthologies: Young Writers Project has published eight anthologies, an annual collection of the top writing and art submitted to youngwritersproject.org in one beautiful book. Upon publication, YWP holds a big celebration to honor the published authors and artists.
  • Newspapers: Young Writers Project started as a feature in The Burlington Free Press, and we continue to publish a page of YWP writers and photographers in the Free Press, Vermont's largest newspaper, each week. We also publish weekly in the Valley News, covering central Vermont and New Hampshire, and we have monthly newspaper pages of local writers and artists around Vermont, including in the Rutland Herald (and Rutland Reader), the Times Argus (and Times Argus Extra), the St. Albans Messenger, the Brattleboro Reformer, the Charlotte News, the Bradford Journal Opinion and the Newport Daily Express.
  • Vermont Public Radio: Each week, a Young Writers Project writer is featured on Vermont Public Radio. Text and audio of the piece, a short introduction to the writer and an accompanying illustration appear on vpr.net.
    VPR also announces the YWP writer of the week, usually in the morning and evening drive times.
  • VTDigger.org: This independent news organization covering Vermont, publishes a YWP featured writer every week, with text, audio and an illustration. Readers are encouraged to leave comments on the YWP writer's piece -- and a connection is made! 


  • Talk about audience! Young Writers Project has many events throughout the year, including SoundCheck, a collaboration with Burlington City Arts; our fall and winter conferences at the Vermont College of Fine Arts; and other open mic opportunities! Watch the main page of youngwritersproject.org for details and the YWP calendar.

(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Lia Chien, 2017)