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About YWP Schools Project


"I can't imagine teaching writing without the YWP Schools Project platform."  --  Elise Foxall, Lyme Town School

For 12 years, Young Writers Project (YWP) -- a small nonprofit in Vermont -- has worked with 2,000 teachers to help them teach writing to their students. In that same time, YWP has connected with 110,000 young people -- in school and outside of school -- to help them find voice, gain communication skills and grow. YWP knows what it's doing. 

We now have an all-new digital writing platform -- first developed in 2007 -- that has been proven to help teachers extend their curriculum and spark students to write more, hone their critical thinking, give each other feedback and revise their work -- naturally. Teachers have the freedom to create their own "challenges" (prompts) and "workshops" (projects), publicly comment on and/or privately annotate on student work, track commenting and changes students make to their work. And the sites are designed to incorporate digital media -- and even has a unique feature allowing users to speak and record their posts and/or comments.

Independent assessments of YWP's platform over the years, as well as observation, teacher analysis and student feedback show that students using the platform gain:

  • a greater appreciation for writing --  even among those reluctant writers.
  • a greater understanding of and respect for each other; and
  • improved writing and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, teachers say the platform allows them to:

  • extend what they can do with their students,
  • get students to do more writing, and
  • provide a powerful way for students to learn how to improve their writing. 

This is a robust, fast and easy-to-use platform that is offered at a nominal cost ($250 annually) to selected teachers who have a vision to help students develop and gain enthusiasm for their own ideas, revise and improve their work and increase their confidence. What you get:

  • YWP will quickly build you your own personal -- and private (only your students and you can see the content) -- classroom website.
  • We will create accounts for your students.
  • We will provide you as much, or as little, training and support as you need through email, video-conferences and phone calls. For a bit more -- mostly to cover our time and travel -- we can come to your classroom.
  • You will have access to the writing challenges and resources here and on https://youngwritersproject.org and you can easily export the content to your site and edit as you see fit.

Leading this service is Geoffrey Gevalt, an award-winning writer and editor and founder of Young Writers Project.

Why wait? Explore this site and see what you think.

Contact YWP soon to talk to us about setting up a site for you to use in your classroom. 

EMAIL YWP Director Susan Reid.        |      PHONE: 802-324-9537.      |   OR SIGN UP FOR US TO FOLLOW UP.