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Jul 27


Use audio to help you organize your thoughts, and learn how to deliver a speech that will make an impact on its listeners.

When you’re graduating high school, the valedictorian is often asked to address the student body, and, specifically, the class community you grew up with. They might give your community advice, reflect on the good times you all had together, or will speak about how you might strengthen your school community.


First, imagine you are the valedictorian of your graduating class. Jot down a basic outline of what you would like to say to your school community. What final message do you want to give to them all? What is the one thing you think your class community needs to hear?


Second, read over your outline and ideas. Don’t write out your actual speech. Instead, just start recording your speech. Say what you really want to say to your class.


Third, listen to your recording. If you don’t like your speech, record again. After you finally have a take you like, send your audio file to someone in your class. Ask them if they liked your final message to your community, and get their feedback (if their feedback makes you want to record again, do it).

Listen to the speeches of your classmates. Are your messages different? The same? Is there some unifying theme people have identified in your community? Comment on their work.

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