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Jul 27

Open to Advice - Part I

Feedback helps your writing, but sometimes we don't want to hear it. Use this challenge to help you practice being more open to constructive criticism.

A huge part of writing is revision, and to revise, we need to know what needs to be looked at. Feedback from a friend, a teacher, a YWP mentor can really help you identify trouble areas. Yet, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to accept feedback or criticism on something you worked really hard on. To grow as writers, we need to practice being open to feedback.


1. Take one of your recent My Community pieces that you have not yet edited.

2. Give yourself feedback on your work. What could you improve? What are the big details (not grammar) that need your attention?


3. Give your piece to a friend. Look at their feedback, and have a conversation with them about their comments. Be open and accepting of their advice, and make sure to thank them. The key is to have a productive conversation, not to get offended.

4. Move on to Part II.

[Creative Commons Lisence: Alan Levine, non-commercial, https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/]