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Character's Playlist

You thought you had the perfect character, but now you’re stuck. Get unstuck by creating a playlist for your character.

You want your character(s) to seem real, so you need to get to know them. Figure out what emotions motivate and define the character(s). What are some potential conflicts? And ... key to this exercise ... what music do they listen to?

1. For each character, think about the personality you have imagined for them, and then go deeper. What really ticks your character off? Where does your character feel most at peace, most at home? What do they like? Dislike? Who are they friendly with? Who do they dislike? Why? What are the back stories behind each of their emotions?
2. Start with your main character and create a blog entry in which you post the character's favorite playlist. Upload a few songs from the playlist to your blog and in the body of the blog, explain why each song is meaningful to your character.
Why create a playlist?

  • It will make you think more deeply about your character's emotions and goals and motivations.
  • It might inspire someone else who is reading your post to make their own characters deeper.

3. Listen to the playlist and jot down descriptive words that help explain your character. Music is almost a backdrop for your character's life.
4. Share your blog with a friend, classmate, teacher and ask them to listen to the playlist and suggest one potential conflict this character could be confronted with (one that would lead to a good story).
4. Take your own understanding of the character and the best suggestion(s) from your peers and/or teacher to create your character's story.

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(Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang, 2016)