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Jul 28


Record audio of what your communities sound like. Use that sound to create a piece of writing that will help you gain a greater understanding of your communities. 

We belong to different communities, and every community we belong to, communicates to one another in a unique way. 

First, make a list of all of the communities you belong to. Pick two or three of those communities you belong to, and, specifically, participate a lot in. 

Second, record two minutes of audio from each community. Maybe you end up recording a song in band practice, or the clicking of needles in a knitting club, or the dinner conversation your family is having. Record the sound of the community. 

What you could do with this sound: 

Listen to each sound and reflect. Do these sounds accurately portray your community? Write two or three separate poems about what it feels like to be in each of these communities. While you write about a specific community, listen to the sound recording you made for that community.  

If your classmates wrote poems, listen to their sound and read their poems. Comment on their pieces. 

Read one of your poems to one of your communities while playing your sound recording. Do they feel like you captured the essence of your community? 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Nathan Ballif]