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Is there a special place in your community that is under threat? You can advocate for this place. Write a letter to the local newspaper. Contact officials and make a strong, persuasive argument.

  • Is there a special place in your community that has been changed, removed or is under threat? A playground where you met some of your best childhood friends? A swimming hole? A forest? A sledding hill? 
  • Don't stand by and watch.
  • Organize like-minded people. Write letters to the editor and local officials. Include photos and your best memories of this place. AND make a strong persuasive argument for why this matters -- not just to you, but to the community. 
  • Ask for a meeting with the officials, and make your case, face-to-face.
  • It might not be too late. Act now!

[Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang]