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Jul 28


One of the strongest communities we will ever have is our friend group. Friends give us support, happiness, and a shoulder to cry on. Reflect on how your friends have helped shape you as a person, and write poetry based on these thoughts. 

First, think about your friends, and, specifically why they are your friends. What are the qualities and elements about them that make you want to be their friend? 

Second, think about all of the good memories you have had with each of them. How have they made your life better. 

Third, ask yourself this hard question: what would my life be like without this person? 

Fourth, write a poem about each of your friends. Think about all of these elements, and really try and focus on why your friend community is so important to you. 

Comment on the works of your peers. 

Read your poems to your friends. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Kevin Huang]