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Photo Challenge

Choose one of these photos and write. For seven minutes. Then comment.

Before you write, take a close look at each of the photos. When you've got one that interests you, hover your mouse over the photo to stop the slideshow and then think about the photo -- its characters, what's happening, what led up to that moment. Think about what point of view you want to take -- one of the characters? someone just outside the frame? the photographer? And decide upon a verb tense -- present is more immediate. Tell us a story, perhaps the back story or what happens after the photograph.

When you are done, save, and find a classmate's post to read and comment upon.

[Photo 1: Fine Art America, photo by Steve Williams]
[Photo 2: Deviant Art, photo by daMaeko]
[Photo 3: My Intwood] 
[Photo 4: Robert Doisneau Photo Archives, photo by Robert Doisneau] 
[Photo 5: National Geographic, photo by Gemma Collier]