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Aug 01
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When doing research, using an article, a scholarly article, or a scientific journal can often give your research more credibility. First, ask you local library or your school library about their database, and see if you can use it for research. If your library doesn't have these resources, here are a few free online databases you could use. 

Vermont Online Library 
This is a resource many of your own teachers and librarians may use. There are eBooks, articles, career resources, and school resources all available with a simple search. 

The New York Public Library 
This library is famous for its extensive, free information. There's multiple ways to organize your information, search through catagories, and new databases and information is added at a regular rate. 

Colleges almost always list JSTOR as a database resource due to its advanced search mode, and extensive digital library. The best thing about it? JSTOR is free. 

Directory of Open Access Journals
This database is extensive, and it has a large collection of peer reviewed journals. Peer reviewed journals give your information an even greater amount of credibility. 

PLOS is a more simple database, but still returns great articles and journals alike. The platform is very user friendly. 

An extensive database and sort system of YouTube via categories and visual aspects.

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