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Your Mood

Experiment with different voices to create a range of moods in your writing. 

Whether you are writing a story/ narrative, report, or essay you must think about the mood you are in, which often determines your voice. If you are bored, your writing will be flat and your reader won't care. If you are excited, you reader is more apt to be excited, too. But there is something more to voice -- mood or, in another way, the tone or personality of the text. Below are some descriptive words to identify different of types of voice you may choose to show in your writing:

Happiness          Guilt                Gratitude           Surprise
Excitement        Pride                Panic                Shame
Fear               Compassion         Embarrassment     Curiosity
Confusion          Arrogance          Empathy             Disappointment
Anger              Relief              Sympathy            Shock
Boredom           Satisfaction       Hope                 Exhaustion
Jealousy           Love                Anxiety              Confidence
Envy               Regret              Concern              Disapproval
Joy                Sadness            Loneliness            Remorse

For this challenge:
1. Choose one of the descriptors above and write a quick story using a voice that shows that mood/ personality. Take 7 minutes. 
2. Choose two different descriptors from above and rewrite your anecdote using a new voice that shows each new mood/ personality. IMPORTANT: Do your rewrite below the initial response so your classmates can see both versions.

Remember to:
- Title your entry with the mood/ descriptive word you chose from the list above and put the two discriptors above the second  version.

And don't forget to read several classmates' posts and give them some specific feedback on what you noticed about their posts.

This resource was adapted from a lesson by teacher Caroline Legan, Orleans, VT.
Copyrighted photo by Maciej Dakowicz  Girl in Islamic school in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, 2010. Used by permission.