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Pick an issue that matters to you, research it and advocate for it. Get your class involved.

"There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil things and those who see evil things and don't try to stop it."
- Janis from "Mean Girls"

Consider the above statement. Now consider how you could go from inaction to action on an issue that matters to you. The idea behind this project is to not be a bystander, but to take action, take a stand for what you believe in.

The project:

  • Either as an individual or with a partner, pick an issue that you are passionate about. It can be anything: animal abuse, water conservation, human rights, bullying, any injustice you have seen or experienced, etc.
  • Research the issue and take notes; look for examples of the issue playing out in the media; look for examples of action being taken on the issue.
  • On your blog, write about why you picked this issue, what you learned -- and make a list of several ways people can help (Example: Donate to the ASPCA or contact your local congressman to encourage them to support a bill.) 
  • Add audio of you (and your partner) talking about why this issue matters and how people can help.
  • Add a photo slideshow. These can be photos you have taken or downloads of photos that reflect the issue (make sure to provide appropriate credit.)
  • Finally, check out what your classmates are doing -- and make a comment on their blogs!
This resource was adapted from a lesson by teacher Caroline Legan, Orleans, VT.

Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, John Ireland, 2014