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Aug 02


Flex your photography skills, and analyze your communities and where their common meeting ground is. Use your photos to understand the behaviors of communities. 

1. Create a list of all of the communities you belong to. Really dig deep. 

2. Look at each of these communities and think: where do each of these communities converge? Where is the physical heart/common meeting place of each of these communities? (See also the Heart challenge.)

3. Take one photo of each heart of each of your communities. Don't stage the photos, but try to catch a moment when people are interacting with this place. 

Create a slideshow of each place. Ask yourself this question: why do these communities meet where they do? Try to write your answer; have your written answer end your slideshow. 

Comment on the slideshows of your peers. 

[Photo Credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Carla Gentner]