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Op-ed Part II

You've written your fun Op-ed in Part I, now, take it a step further and write an op-ed worthy of a newspaper. Become active in your community by making an educated opinion about what is happening in your town politics. 

First, do some research about what was voted on and what happened at your last town meeting. Your parents, teachers, and community leaders may be able to send you in the right direction to find this information. Find a decision that was made that you don't like.

Second, write an op-ed persuading your town to listen to your opinion about why you think this vote was the wrong choice. Use facts and your own persuasive voice. Keep your piece to 500 words or less. 

[Creative Commons Liscense: Theresa Thompson, non-commercial, https://www.flickr.com/photos/theresasthompson/]